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Principal of Downtown Investigations

Justin D. Billard, a Massachusetts and Michigan Licensed Private Detective, founded Downtown Investigations, LLC in 2007 after spending nine years in corporate investigations. With a background focused on theft and internal investigations, Detective Billard has extensive experience in uncovering patterns and interviewing people under the most difficult situations. His ability to communicate, relate and rationalize with people has proved effective in resolving thousands of cases in his 20-year investigative career. 


Detective Billard was honorably discharged after serving eight years in the United States Marine Corps. He is a combat Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom II, 2004 to 2005 where he was a Sergeant of Marines. He strongly attributes his dicipline and attention to detail to his military training and service.


In his free time, Detective Billard enjoys saltwater sportfising from the rocky coastline of Maine to the Florida Keys and the lakes of the Midwest.  

Professional Associates of Downtown Investigations

There are many cases that require multiple Detectives, which would be impossible to have on staff, full time.  Many Private Detective Agencies are operated in small capacity.  Most are single person operations, while some may have a few employees. Larger Detective Agenices that have up to 15 employees, typically do volume work from insurance companies that supports their business model.


We're proud of being a small firm with a big reach.  


Detective BiIlard has built a personal network of Licensed Private Detectives, in Massachusetts, Michigan, across the country and internationally.  Our Licensed Detectives have years of experience and specific talents in the investigatiion field that make them valuable assets on casework.  Some are expert surveillance investigators, seasoned interviewers, skilled researchers and more.  


Regardless of the team that needs to be assembled, we have pre-selected access to the most qualified Detectives for any assignment, which saves our clients time and investigative budget.


Professional Affiliations

The Licensed Private Detectives Association of Massachusetts, through legislative efforts, continuing education and peer networking events, promotes professionalism of the individual investigator and the profession as a whole.

The Michigan Council for Professional Investigators strives to maintain the highest level of professionalism, ethical conduct, and integrity amongst professional investigators in the State of Michigan, while encouraging networking, providing on-going training, and inspiring mutual assistance.  

The National Council of Investigation and Security Services, Inc. is a cooperative effort of those companies and associations responsible for providing private security and investigation services to the legal profession, business community, government and the public. 



  • Corporate Internal Investigations

  • Civil Investigations


  • Criminal Investigations


  • Interviews / Interrogations


  • Skip Trace / Difficult Locates


  • Insurance Investigations


  • Missing Persons

  • Surveillance Operations


  • Background Investigations


  • Record Searches


  • Undercover Investigations


  • Workplace Misconduct


  • Workers' Compensation


  • General Investigations

To aid in our investigations, we use the most advanced technology.


         Some of our tools include:


  • Wireless GPS tracking devices that utilize satelites and 3G networks

  • Drones with high resolution 4K cameras for ariel surveillance

  • Covert video surveillance: body-worn; pole mounted and fixed applications




Professional investigators are a crucial part of legal systems, business operations and personal matters.


Relying on an investigative professional that will deliver the truth in an

unbiased and professional manner makes all the difference. 

Client Testimonials

“Based on what little we knew, we were at a disadvantage.  The information that Dowtown Investigations provided proved inavaluable to our case at trial.  Completely changed the game.”​- Attorney Client, Boston, MA
"When I called Downtown Investigations, I had no idea what to do.  I never needed any services like this before.  I was at the end of my rope and it was nothing that the police could get involved in, "until I had proof," they said.  The time that Downtown Investigations spent to explain the process and understand my case was kind of amazing, but the results of the investigation were even better.  The police detectives were blown away with the evidence we now had.  They were finally able to do something and my sleepless nights were over." - Private Client, South Boston, MA
"If I had not involved Downtown Investigations, I know my family would not be together today.  They got the proof I needed after my mind was racing with wild assumptions." - Private Client, Arlington, MA
“We did an internal investigation that yielded no results.  Then we hired a Private Investigation firm to conduct a full investigation, which did not provide any additional information or results.  On the advice of our council, we hired Downtown Investigations so that we could demonstrate our due dilligence to our insurance company in case of potential liability. Downtown Investigations worked professionally and timely and determined who was responsible for sabotaging a joint venture partnership and leaking sensitive company documents under an alias.  We were not expecting the results they provided.  We were shocked that they were able to get a full written confession from an employee that had been employed with our company for 26 years.” - Corporate Client, Prudential Center, Boston, MA​
"We hired Downtown Investigations to conduct a high-level background investigation for an employment candidate that would be placed into a sensitive role.  The due diligence and presentation of the information uncovered was unmatched to anything we have seen in the past.  We are satisfied with the results and will be using Downtown Investigations again."  - Corporate Client, Michigan


Investigations rely on proper planning and tested strategies to achieve professional results.


We are well trained and seasoned investigators who are passionate about our work

and who work diligently in pursuit of the truth. 


Our experience from thousands of cases and unique situations benefit each of our clients.


We have the right people and proper resources to deliver a quality work product.


Each case has a begining, a middle and an end. Fully understanding the circumstances to a case is crucial.  There is what we know, what we don't know and what we don't know that we don't know. Having a proper foundation will only increase the likelihood of success and efficiency.  We take the time to plan each of our investigations properly.


Even on similar type cases, the methodology may change.  We rely on our personal experiences and past case work, but create custom solutions tailored for each client.  Every case is different and it is absolutely crucial that we think outside of the box to achieve maximum results.


After proper planning and execution of our investigative strategy, we are left with our findings. Our reports are extremely detailed and delivered to our clients in a highly professional format.  We pride ourselves on our work product. Remember, our reports, pictures and video are all secondary to our testimony.  We have testified in District, Superior and Federal Court and our experience in the courtroom served our clients well.



We know each case is different and requires a specialized approach and strategy.  

Please contact us to personally discuss your investigative needs.


All inquiries are kept strictly confidential.

Downtown Investigations, LLC

Massachusetts: (857) 523-0925

Michigan: (810) 510-4123

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